Public Access Signs

What is it?

Perhaps you've noticed these signs around Manotick? These signs, developed in collaboration with the City of Ottawa, let residents know where the 'public' access points to the Rideau River are located in Manotick. These are access areas where you can dip your feet, fish, put in a canoe, or just admire the view.


Where are the signs located?

The signs are located at 12 public water access locations.

Progress to Date

This project was completed in summer, 2016 and was made possible through the City of Ottawa Community Environmental Projects Grants Program and the assistance of Recreation Planning staff.  The signs were designed by MCPRA and approved and constructed by the City.

Project Team

Our intrepid volunteers Rod Corbett and Noel Norenius installed the signs in July 2016. Other project participants included Viv Mitchell, Anne Robinson and Mike O'Neil.