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Mike O’Neil Arena Expansion

What Is It?

After 9 years of planning and pushing, the Manotick Arena finally got a long overdue 'facelift', enlarging the main floor dressing rooms and providing permanent program space with storage on the second floor of the facility.


Where Is It?

Manotick Arena was built in 1974 and located at 5572 Dr. Leach Dr., Manotick.


MCPRA representatives (Mike O'Neil, David Arntfield and Noel Norenius) went to visit local MP Pierre Poilievre in June of 2015 to determine if there were federal infrastructure dollars available to enlarge and enhance the Manotick Arena. Once that funding ($890,000) was committed by the Federal Government, the City entered into an agreement with them to deliver the expansion work and associated code upgrades by March 2018.


The MCPRA Board took on the responsibility of community fundraising coordination, with the target of raising $250,000 from community donations. With the aid of charitable donation status given by the City of Ottawa for personal / family donations, the Fundraising Team, led by Mike O'Neil, managed to hit their goal late in 2017. The Wall Of Appreciation was widely supported in the community and generated almost $100,000 in donations. 


Construction began in May 2017 and the facility was made fully available to the public in late February of 2018. The Manotick Co-Operative Nursery School continued to deliver Fall programs starting in late September 2017.  The arena ice was made available to user groups in early October, after negotiations between City staff, the MCPRA fundraising team and the various user groups for minor / adult hockey and figure skating led to a workable solution. The costs associated with the rental of change trailers and a washroom trailer were covered by the various user groups.

Progress to Date

It has been a long road to make this necessary upgrade a reality but now Manotick has A-1 dressing room facilities along with great program delivery / boardroom facilities on the second floor to accommodate Manotick Youth, Seniors and volunteer groups.  An Open House is being planned so that residents can see firsthand what team work can accomplish.

Thank You

Many thanks to those volunteer organizations who persevered and made this project possible. Of special mention:   Osgoode-Rideau Minor Hockey Association, Kiwanis Club of Manotick, Manotick Lions, the Adult Hockey Leagues, ROSSS/YOMA, MVCA and MCPRA. Many thanks also to Barry Reaney, his arena staff, City staff involved with the expansion project and Councillor Scott Moffatt. 


Working together as a community allowed us to achieve our goals. It has already made Manotick a better place to raise our families and enjoy village recreational activities.

Project Team


The fundraising effort includes representatives from:

  • Kiwanis Club of Manotick

  • Manotick Lions Club

  • Manotick Masters (50+) Hockey

  • Manotick Village Community Association

  • Osgoode-Rideau Minor Hockey Association

  • Rural Ottawa Senior Support Services (ROSSS)

  • Youth of Manotick Association (YOMA) 

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