Outdoor rinks

The MCPRA leads and coordinates the maintenance and operation of two Manotick outdoor rinks, in George McLean Park and Centennial Park. 

George McLean Park outdoor rink


Thanks to volunteers  Carl Mertz, Ian Olthof, Jay Purcell, Tom Plant, Devin Laporte and other community members for their hard work and assistance. This rink is used extensively after school, evenings, and all day on weekends. 

Centennial Park outdoor rink 


Special thanks to volunteers Tom Hollinger, Steve Cutler, Bob Brown, Simon Miller, Carmen Grandinetti, Noel Norenius, & others. This community rink is a favourite for after 3:30pm hockey scrimmages and weekend skates. 

2018-2019 Season


McLean Park has new rink boards installed this year by the City of Ottawa.  


If you can lend a maintenance hand to shovel or flood for the 2018-19 season, contact Mike O'Neil at 613-692-3213. 

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