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McLean Park & Centennial Park Outdoor Rinks

Manotick Culture, Parks and Recreation Association (MCPRA) operates both outdoor rinks in Manotick – one located in Hillside Gardens at McLean Park and the other at Centennial Park, adjacent to the Mike O’Neil Arena.

MCPRA receives funding from the City of Ottawa to operate these rinks.  McLean Park has a ‘board rink’ and a puddle rink. Centennial Park does as well, but this year with construction on site, Centennial Park is hoping to have a partially boarded rink and a puddle rink. Both sites are now fully operational.

Many thanks to our rink volunteers including Tom Hollinger, Pat Hilborn, Steve West, Jay Purcell, Ian Olthof, Gord MacGregor, Alex Thurston, Carl Mertz, Brent Porteous, Tom Plant and Mike O’Neil.


Helping hands are always needed, so if you can shovel, run a snowblower, or hold a hose to flood the ice, contact:

Outdoor Rinks in the News:

Building CommunityManotick Messenger, January 17, 2022

Centennial Park

Centennial ODR 1.jpeg
Centennial ODR 2.jpeg

McLean Park

Maclean Park ODR 2.jpg
Maclean Park ODR 4.jpeg
Maclean Park ODR 5.jpeg
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