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West River Park Revitalization

What Is It? 
West River Dr. Park... fondly known as 'The Duck Lot,' is a natural area with a path that leads from West River Dr. approximately 50 meters down to the River's edge. The slowed current from the nearby Dam is favourable for ducks. The enhancement of this Park has been a volunteer led initiative by the MCPRA.
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Progress to Date

Using funds received through the City’s Community Environmental Projects Grants Program, the MCPRA completed the following work :

  • Reinstated the wood chip pathway to the Rideau River, with the help of Carty Tree Services chipping the dead wood on site.

  • Brought in topsoil and compost for the grass and wildflower plantings respectively.

  • Planted grass and wildflower seed along the upper embankment of West River Dr. and Bridge St.

  • Installed a park bench in collaboration with the Kiwanis Club of Manotick, and in consultation with the City’s Recreation Planning Branch.

  • Collaborated with the City's Forestry Branch to have trees planted.

  • Completed the shrub plantings

  • Installed signage re feeding the ducks.


The proximity to Manotick Public School makes this park a wonderful opportunity for a ‘nature classroom’.

Spring 2023:  

Manotick Parks & Rec will be planting some native shrubs and plants including high bush cranberry, sumac, nanny berry, chokecherry, and native flowers.


If you’re interested in helping contact Project Lead, Tom Plant or Robin Wisener

Where is It? 

The entrance to the duck lot can be found at the corner of West River Dr. & Bridge Street.  

The Project Team

'This project was led by Viv Mitchell, with assistance from Noel Norenius, Mike O'Neil, Anne & Ron Robinson, Rod Corbett, Rod Matheson, and Sue Hale.  Thanks also to Carty's Tree Service for assistance with the wood chips. 

MCPRA Volunteers, City staff & businesses hard at work!
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